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Welcome to Foshan Nanhai Hongke plastic products factory! We are a professional and leading plastic roofing materials manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. Since founded in 2006,Hongke has been dedicated to selling and producing ASA roof tile,PVC roofing sheet, transparent roofing sheet,insulated wall panels and etc. 


Through constant development and growth, Hongke now have 3 branch factories and 13 production lines that enable our annual capacity to exceed 6,800,000 square meters. With over  11 years industry experience and our dedicated design team, we can provide our customers with professional OEM services. We believe the quality is reflecting the soul of a company and we constantly strive to better ourselves to optimize our quality system. We provide 10-30 years warranty based on different kinds of products and each shipment is 100% inspected prior to shipment to make sure guaranteed quality. Hongke is also ISO9001:2008 certified company. 


Our products are worldwide popular and selling globally, in particular to Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kenya, south-east Asia, South Africa, west Africa, South America and Latin America etc.,  widely applied in industrial projects, commercial and residential buildings such as villas, workshops, warehouses, holiday villages, parks, cottages, greenhouses, sound-insulation walls and etc.

We warmly welcome customers from home and abroad for business negotiation, and communication to achieve win-win cooperation.

Headquarters address: Bai Qiao, Nanhai District of Foshan City, Guangxi Road side (Wang Zhi garage side)

Contact: Miss Zhang / Miss Lu Tel:0757-86447113 Fax:0757-86447113

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